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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Lovely Lawyer - you're hired!!

I must confess to being addicted to The Apprentice. Everything else stops at 9.00pm on a Wednesday.

During last week’s programme Alex Mills was 'fired'. My eyebrows rose when he said that his business plan related to legal services. They could not, of course, have come anywhere near his eyebrows.

He has now taken the opportunity of going public with his initiative, on the back of the TV publicity. The business is Dynamo Legal and is in reality a panel of solicitors who are described in glowing terms on the website – ‘Gone are the confusing, expensive solicitors that only talk jargon and here is the easy, cost effective, lovely legal solicitor and insurance provider.’ 

Now I’m all for the legal profession smarting up its image but have never seen the word ‘lovely’ used in that context!

The business offers legal services through its panel and also insurance products.

According to a report in Legal futures they want to be a legal superbrand and have money to spend –

They offer to talk to people in clear language and at their level. Isn’t that something that all lawyers should do? So it is easy to be sniffy and to discount this as being just another gimmick. This was, after all, the guy who only a few weeks ago was designing a dating site with himself as the ultimate nightmare! 

But law firms will ignore this at their peril. We are talking here about a marketing budget of several million pounds and a business backed by someone who was on our TV screen for 10 weeks. The site might use language that many of us find irritating; but it is what ordinary people want to hear. Lawyers do not have the best image in the world –

We have already seen the moves by Eddie Stobart, The Co-Op and now a reality TV star, to get into this business. If we don’t engage with technology, social media and meet people and businesses where they are then we deserve all we get.

People want to know that their lawyer will listen to them and speak their language – although the ‘lovely’ bit is going a bit far!


  1. Lawyers being more people friendly will do a world of good for the clients. They will feel more assured if they get to understand their lawyers well. Law firms should promote such a work culture.

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