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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Farewell beer tax!!

Something a bit lighter for the holiday.

Have you ever wondered what happens to old laws when they are not wanted any more? Are they buried miles below ground, are they sold off on eBay, are they displayed in museums?

In fact many just hang around on the statute book meaning that they remain law centuries later. Many of these are well reported such as it being illegal for anyone to die in the Houses of Parliament or for an MP to enter the House wearing a suit of armour.

It seems that is still technically against the law to eat a mince pie on Christmas Day or to fire a cannon near a dwelling house – does that mean it is legal somewhere else? Mind you we are not alone. The USA is a veritable treasure trove. In one town in Nevada it is illegal for a man with a moustache to kiss a woman and in another state is is illegal to pretend that your parents are rich!

Many of these old UK laws are finally to be laid to rest as over 800 are to be repealed including a beer tax! Apparently the oldest goes back to the 14th Century..

A spokesman from the Law Commission said –

"It saves time and costs for lawyers and others who need to know what the law actually is, and makes it easier for citizens to access justice."

Well lawyers don’t know every single law in existence, but it helps if some of the old ones are laid to rest.

Keeping up to date for you!!

Have a good holiday.

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