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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Concerning Access to Justice and 1000 Wildlife Photographs

This slightly unusual post has been inspired by two things.

The first was my decision to re-join the trustees of North West Legal Support Trust (NWLST). This trust will be known to many readers. We organise the Legal Walks across the region and other initiatives to raise finds in support of agencies which off free legal advice and assistance to those in greatest need.

This desperate need was recently highlighted by the shocking statistic that there has been in drop of 99.5% in the numbers of people receiving state funded legal assistance in benefits cases. When you think that in the days before legal aid was virtually wiped out, 80% of benefit appeals were successful where there was representation, this quite shocking –

The second thing was a TV programme I saw on the National Geographic Channel last week about the Photo Ark. Photographer Joel Sartore is on a lifelong mission to take and post pictures of every living creature! His gallery is stunning. I am a keen photographer although not in his league! –

So these two things together have led me to set myself a challenge!

Starting on 15th November I began a challenge to post 1000 wildlife photographs in 12 months. These will all be mainly new photgraphs. However I will post some from my existing collection.  This is because I will not be travelling to places like Australia, USA and Egypt between now and November and there are some interesting creatures who will miss out! And 1000 is a big challenge!

 Each photograph will be of a different species – no repetition but i will allow a male and female - if it is good enough for Noah!  The challenge will be helped by my recent trip to Costa Rica and Panama! I am doing this with three things in mind –

      To  hone my photography skills – I certainly aim to be producing higher quality photos by November 2018,

2.     To highlight the magnificent beauty and diversity of nature which has never been under greater threat,

3.     To raise funds for NWLST for Access to Justice. From the start of the project I will be pestering people for sponsorship. A penny a picture will raise a tenner and so on. Some might want to sponsor the entire project. Every penny raised will go to the Trust. I will post details shortly. In November 2018, I am planning to put 12 of the best onto a calendar to sell and raise further funds. I will be posting the photgraphs on Flickr, across Social Media and of course on this blog!
As a taster, here are some recent shots from Costa Rica. So watch this space! Please also let me have any thoughts, comments or advice!

Sometimes ranting about justice isn’t enough. The government should do the honourable thing and reinstate legal aid. But in the meantime, something has to be done.

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