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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

My final blog - because justice matters

This is the final blog that I will be posting in its current format.

My first post was on 2nd October 2011 and was all about attacks on Human Rights following the Conservative Party Conference. The blog has since covered most topics imaginable including – LASPO, Motor Insurance, the ‘Compensation Culture’, thinking before you tweet and inappropriate comments about a LinkedIn photograph. 

My Blogger stats tell me that there have been just over 167,000 reads.

As I embark on massive changes next year the time has also come to re-think the blog.

In April 2017 I am stepping down as a partner in my current firm and launching out on my own as a consultant, mainly assisting firms, small and large, in PI, Clinical Negligence and Occupational Disease work. There will be more shameless promotion of that venture nearer the day. But I am also planning to devote more time to my lifelong obsession with Access to Justice. 

After today I will be posting under the new badge – Justice Matters. The plan is that this will be wider than just a blog. A sort of one person lobbying project. In fact I hope it won’t be just a one person venture. My hope is that, in time, it will be a place for others to post articles, news, events and any other rants on this crucial topic.

The seed of the idea was planted earlier this year when Lord McNally – remember him? – suggested that we shut up about Access to Justice –

In the face of this comment it was clear that we needed more noise than ever.

I expect to be exploring topics including access to advice for benefit claimants, re-instatement of a properly funded legal aid scheme, pro bono, court and tribunal fees, human rights, litigants in person, access to assistance for victims of accidents and disease and other topics that will certainly be raised in the next few years.

I am hoping that the new Justice Matters project will start at the beginning of December.

Please let me know if you have any ideas, concerns topics, suggestions or advice.


  1. I shall continue to read with interest and best wishes in the new venture.

  2. Bravo!! We in the SF Bay Area are girding our loins to defend the human rights we thought were a done deal. I want to follow what you do next as the cause matters.

  3. I look forward to following and supporting you in that Steve. Go for it.