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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Saving Justice - The Book

When I first began this blog, idea was simply to talk about legal matters and to make them more accessible to non lawyers. That is still the idea. But over the last couple of years the one theme that has dominated the agenda has been access to justice. I have written more posts on this subject than most others put together.

And I am not alone.

In this book Patrick Torsney has gathered together the thoughts of 58 bloggers, including yours truly (!). It is available for free download in iTunes at

I would normally hesitate to use this blog to promote a book in which I appear but the issues that are raised cannot be ignored and mine is just one voice among many.

Across all of the blogs runs a theme of almost systematic dismantling of justice for ordinary people. That was the title of my own first comments on the subject.

The book goes far wider than my own area of civil justice.

We open with Gemma Blythe's thoughts on the Criminal Justice System. We end with @jaimerh354 who blogs as A view from the North . Both remind us of the fundamental importance of justice to us all. Gemma calls it the cotton that binds the fabric of our society together. A view from the North closes by warning of a Ministry of Justice which wants to build brand new conservatories on a house which is crumbling. Both make for powerful reading and they are just two among many.

In between we hear the thoughts and concerns of lawyers, academics, politicians, journalists and many others on the dangers of turning the our nation into a justice waste-land where the government knows the price of everything, the value of nothing

One thing will be immediately clear. This is nothing to do with lawyers complaining about loss of business. That is a myth put out by ministers to divert attention from the real issues. These are well argued and well researched thoughts from  those on the front line who are genuinely and passionately concerned about justice for all.

Neither is this a book by lawyers for lawyers.

As we approach an election it raises issues of massive importance, issues that should be addressed by any politician who expects to get the votes of ordinary people.

Congratulations to Patrick for the staggering work he has done collating such a powerful set of rants!

If you read never read a book on law again, read this!

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