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Friday, 5 April 2013

That's it I'm leaving the country - someone turn the lights out!

So the first week in the new world of the law has come to an end. All of the new documents are done. All referral arrangements have been reviewed. I have had a glimpse of the waste land of Access to Justice and it is likely to be as bad as we all expected –

So I’ve had enough. I’m leaving on a jet plane Monday morning and will be in Australia by lunchtime Tuesday. Bye all! Thanks for the memories.

OK it is only a holiday. And I’m taking my elderly mother along for the ride to visit her only other son. Mind you it would be tempting to disappear into the rain forest  There’s an idea for a TV series – I’m a Lawyer, get me in here!

So there will be no regular Virtual Lawyer posts for the next three weeks. I will still post the occasional blog on any interesting Australian legal issues that I come across. Maybe I should rename this blog The Virtual Lawyer Goes Large Down Under.

Speaking of which did you know that in Australia it is illegal to leave your car keys in an unattended vehicle? Only licensed electricians can change a light bulb and a modem cannot pick up on the first ring. 

We are going to Perth and then heading off to Queensland for 9 days to see the Rain forest and the Reef. We will give Canberra a miss. According to Bill Bryson it is the most boring city on earth.  So boring that the 1996 Prime Minister John Howard declined to live there after winning the election. Instead, he announced he would commute from Sydney to Canberra as duties required. There were suggestions that it should be named - “Sydmeladperbrisho”. There is in fact some logic behind that bizarre title. Answers on a postcard – winners get a cork hat or a didgeridoo.

There are clearly exciting days ahead.

So here’s looking at you all.

See you in May.

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