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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Think first tattoo later!!

I have been tempted to do many things in my time!

But thankfully that has never included getting a tattoo. They always seem to be a bit permanent. When I was younger they were mainly associated with men who had anchors on their arms – a bit like Popeye. But now they are a real fashion statement and seen on actors, models and footballers.

But things can go wrong and anyone planning on having one should take great care.

After a few drinks a tattoo might seem a good idea but it can be tricky to put things right.

My own firm is involved in case where a young mum had her child’s name tattooed on her arm and the artist unfortunately spelt the name wrong. This is not an error that can be easily corrected. The poor woman has a very good case but it would have been far better if she had not had to go through it all. Mistakes can happen but you can still minimise the risk by choosing your artist with care.

According to the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 , it is necessary for anybody carrying out a tattooing business to be registered – failure to do so is an offence. St Helens Council near Liverpool has published helpful advice on its website –

Using a registered tattooist guarantees a level of competence and hygiene. They may be more expensive but much pain and expense might be avoided. You might be surprised by the dangers that are involved as shown in the guidance published by the Essex HPA –

If you have a tattoo, or any other type of beauty treatment which goes wrong you have the same rights to sue as a person who is the victim of poor medical treatment.

But better than that, follow the St Helens advice and think before you ink!

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