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Friday, 7 September 2012

New Apple Song - Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to Court we go

Apple Inc. have been no strangers to litigation in recent weeks. They succeeded in a high profile action in California against Samsung who were ordered to pay them just over $1b for copyright infringements. The allegations related to claims about the shape of recent Samsung Smartphone’s and other features such as certain touch controls. Apple have failed in similar claims in Britain, South Korea and, most recently, Japan.

This is obviously a good time be a lawyer working for Apple. I should say that as a Samsung Galaxy convert from iPhone I hope that they continue develop what is, in my opinion, a superior product.

But there is one piece of reported litigation that was sadly, not true.

This was news that Bruce Willis was suing Apple over the question of ownership of his ‘vast’ music collection. It seems that this is not genuine –

But is does raise an alarming issue which I hadn’t thought of before. I should confess to possessing a similarly vast collection on iTunes running to several thousand tracks. Many of these are ones that I have bought from iTunes or Amazon. I have been through the ages of vinyl, CDs and have ended up with download – although the absence of interesting artwork and packaging is beginning to make vinyl attractive again! But I owned my old albums and CDs. It seems that I don’t actually own my downloads.

What I am buying is not the song itself but the right to play it on iTunes, iPod or whatever. So I could not leave them to my sons in my will – not sure that they would want a lot of them! But it is still an alarming thought. It is in the Apple Terms – you know the pages of stuff that none of us ever read. It seems that is also in the Amazon terms as well so they have me all ways.

I might be tempted to spend less money and more time on Spotify . Just a thought!

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