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Monday, 7 May 2012

We're all going on a summer holiday

No I am not admitting that I am a closet Cliff Richard fan.

But I have booked a holiday! 

In two weeks time we off to Crete for a much needed break in the sun. Hopefully it will be a relaxing few days with a fair share of wine and Greek food.

But if something goes wrong (perish the thought but I am a lawyer so can’t help it) then I have actually  not booked the break in the most sensible way. Although we have used an agency the flights and accommodation are booked independently. So this is not a package tour. That would make any legal case more tricky.

This is because of what are known as the Package Tour Regulations. The advantage of these regulations is that if you suffer an accident abroad which is the fault of your hotel you can bring a claim in this country against the tour operator. Although the legal standard is that of the country you can consult lawyers and avoid the nightmare of having to use unfamiliar courts or instruct foreign lawyers. For the Regulations to apply it has to be a 'package'. This means that the price must include both transport and accommodation.

If the holiday is not covered by the Regulations then the whole thing is more complicated. The case has to be brought in the local courts and is subject to their laws, procedures and time limits. That is not to say that the local system is not as good. It is just far more difficult to do once you have got home.

This is something to bear in mind when you are planning your break – especially on line. If you are nut sure then just ask the agent if it is a package tour. Now many of you, like me, prefer to do things independently.

But it is always safer to book a passage..

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