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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Power of the Tweet

Hands up if you still think that tweeting is something a budgie does?

I must confess it took me a long time to get into Twitter. I had dabbled in Social Media generally, especially MySpace and then Facebook. But I didn’t really get the point of Twitter. I couldn’t get my head around the idea of not having a ‘page’ and of limiting posts to 140 characters.

Ironically it was only when I read How to Leave Twitter by Grace Dent that the penny dropped.

It is now the platform I use the most! It is such an effective way of getting a simple message to a huge audience very quickly. The maths speaks for itself. If I tweet to a thousand followers and just ten of them retweet to another thousand, and so on, then we are talking massive numbers.

This point is made by well known legal blogger Kevin O’Keefe who says that an effective tweet can be more effective than any press release. He talks of one PR Professional who says she is 9 times more likely to get a response on twitter than by sending a press release.

This is the potential power of social media generally and Twitter in particular. We all need to be aware of the power of the tweet. Of course it is not always good news. I have talked before about the dangers of tweeting first and thinking later –

It can even shake governments - Amnesty International is beginning to highlight those who see the influence of twitter. They have today reported on the case of Nabeel Rajab a human rights activist who has been arrested in Bahrain for posting tweets that criticised the government.

Such is the power of the tweet. Twitter, if properly used, can be the most effective form of marketing and communication for lawyers.  It is a powerful tool to be used with careful thought. To ignore it is to be well and truly left behind!

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