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Friday, 4 May 2012

Medical Miracles

The UK has seen remarkable developments in eye surgery which have been reported this week.

Two patients who were totally blind have had implants fitted which have given them a perception of light and shape for the first time since losing their eyesight to the condition retinitis pigmentosa . The remarkable implant seems to work along similar lines to a digital camera. It appears that the tiny chip picks up light which is converted to electrical impulses which are passed to the brain.

One of the two patients interviewed on TV described one outcome of the surgery as being the ability to dream in colour for the first time in many years. A few years ago this would have sounded like something from science fiction.

The chips are of German manufacture and the procedure carried out by surgeons at Kings College London and the Oxford Eye hospital.

Further good medical news was the appearance at Bolton Wanderers game this week, of Fabrice Muamba, who famously collapsed with a cardiac arrest during an FA Cup game with Tottenham Hotspur. He had no independent heartbeat for 78 minutes and was therefore technically dead. His life was saved by the remarkable efforts of the medical team at the football ground, including a cardiologist from the crowd and the London Chest Hospital.

His survival and recovery has been described as a miracle.

Now you may wonder what all this has to do with a blog about the law and the practice of Law.

Well it has everything to do with it because we all live in the real world. Sometimes it easy to think that all medical lawyers are involved in is the criticism of the NHS and suing them. Things do go wrong and when that happens the wrongdoer is and should be accountable.

But we should never lose sight of the wonderful work carried out day in day out in the NHS.

Doctors have been under as much political pressure as lawyers in recent months and they deserve great credit for everything that they do.

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